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The start of a new brief by ISTD and Monotype. An exploration of typography and type specimen through projection.
Through exploring the unique distortion effects that result from scanning or projecting type I am questioning the value of the ‘mistakes’ as part of the creative process and the pre-digital age when mistakes were regularly made in the printing process.
Just finished designing first instalment of a new project with my Erasmus amigos Mark Connolly.
It is going to be a work relay between Mark and I. We are going to send a piece of work to each other every week inspired by what the other creates the previous week. The first bit of work is themed on the word ‘finish’ (eg. exchange has finished’) This is inspired by a running joke with the punchline “it’s time to finish your dinner”
This poster explores explores the common etiquette to place knife and fork together at the end of a meal. I photographed 12 empty plates, a knife and a fork to suggests the recognisable image of a clock faces. This reference to time relates to the the line “it’s time to finish your dinner” which has been broken and rotated across the page.
Its going to be an interesting project as Mark works in Painting and I in Graphic Design. Also now we have left Belgium there is a vast geographic gap as Mark resides up north and I down south!
My Erasmus application to Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst Gent, Belgium.
Exploring Graphic Design - 50 images.
Breaking images and editing through text files
business cards for a presentation on package design